Volunteers are testing the EW system for tanks

Volunteers are testing the EW system for tanks

Armored vehicles EW Ukraine Volunteers War with Russia

Within the initiative, the Ukrainian engineers are testing jamming equipment (EW) against enemy kamikaze drones.

Photos of the equipment were published on social media.

The main purpose of the developed mounted modules is to counter enemy FPV drones carrying anti-tank ammunition and posing a threat to armored vehicles.

The engineers installed an external container with all the necessary equipment and an antenna on the tower of a T-72 tank used by the Ukrainian military.

The prototype equipment has already passed the first tests by combat and showed certain results that give hope for the development of the system in the future.

“Within three weeks on combat missions, this little box performed all the tasks “perfectly,” without a single even “tangent” hit from FPV. Although the neighboring crews caught 2 cumulative each on one of the numerous missions,” the developers share.

According to the developers, the system was configured to operate at a frequency of 900 MHz to counteract drones, and its operating power is 50 watts.

It is not disclosed whether this module was connected to the power grid of the tank or is powered by batteries.

The EW system developed by the volunteer movement creates a small “dome” of electronic interference over the equipment, which is supposed to cut off communication between the operator and the drone during the final part of the flight.

It is not reported whether such a system can really interfere with the work of serial military models of combat drones, but this may be done to counter the low-end civilian drones, which are the basis of numerous homemade kamikaze drones currently being manufactured.

The threat of mass strikes by DIY-made FPV drones is now gaining momentum, as they are actively used by the military on both sides of the line of contact.

The carrying capacity of such drones is several kilograms. This allows them to carry Soviet HEAT grenades for RPG-7, such as PG-7VS. They are able to penetrate up to 400 mm of armor, and such ammunition may be enough to destroy the tank when hit in the side projection of the tank or in the stern.

Armored vehicles EW Ukraine Volunteers War with Russia