Vyshgorod and Nikopol artillery boats float out after dock repairs.

Vyshgorod and Nikopol artillery boats float out after dock repairs.

Navy Ukrainian Navy МБАК

Mykolaiv shibuilding factory finalized dock repairs of Vyshgorod and Nikopol small artillery boats on April 9, 2020, informs SC Ukroboronprom press-service.

Both boats had their outer skin, rudder/propeller units, cathodic protection, sea valves, and other systems and equipment repaired and hulls were painted.

The Vyshgorod boat is now completely repaired and will soon leave the factory and will head to its base. Likewise, the Nikopol will be repaired later this month. At the moment its electric system and equipment undergo repairs.

The Vyshgorod was returned to service before schedule, both boats were floated out at the same time.

Both vessels arrived in the factory for repairs in February 2020.

Nikopol and Vyshgorod upon the float out.

As we previously informed the Nikopol was seized by the Russians in the vicinity of the Kerch straight when it was cruising from Odesa to Mariupol in November 2018.

Both seized boats were kept for one year in the occupied sea port of Kerch untill were returned to Ukraine in November 2019 along with the Yani Kapu sea tug.

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Navy Ukrainian Navy МБАК