Yuzhnoye DO developed counter UAVs system

Yuzhnoye DO developed counter UAVs system

Technologies UAV Ukraine Yuzhnoye State Design Office

Ukrainian experts have developed a counter UAVs pulse radiation generator.

Militarnyi informs about this.

As part of the creation of counter UAVs systems, Yuzhnoye State Design Office developed a generator of pulsed electromagnetic radiation, reported at the state enterprise.

During field tests in 2021, the counter UAVs electromagnetic system confirmed its performance.

The system is located in a transport container. It can be carried on a truck or deployed on a stationary position to ensure the protection of the desired object from small drones.

The test footage demonstrated the ability to fight a UAV quadcopter.

The system uses spikes of directed intense electromagnetic waves to instantly disable the electronics of small unmanned aerial vehicles.

Now the Yuzhnoye State Design Office continues to refine the design of the generator pulse electromagnetic radiation for its improvement.

We remind you that Yuzhnoye DO is developing an innovative Kilchen anti-aircraft missile system with the possibility of impressing targets at a distance of 280 km.

Візуалізація пускої установки ЗРК зі складу ЗРС "Кільчень", кадр відео Апостроф

The system based on data centricity and machine learning principles in management. It will use shimmering command points.

According to Valeria Perkova, the head of the design department of the Yuzhnoye DO. Kilchen SAM will be able to fight all existing and promising aircrafts. Including those that are built on the “stealth” technology in the conditions of intense electronic countermeasures by the enemy.

Зенітна ракета ЗРС "Кільчень", кадр відео Апостроф

In the Kilchen anti-aircraft missile system will be used active radar head homing millimeter range.

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Technologies UAV Ukraine Yuzhnoye State Design Office
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