Zoopark-3 mass production launched

Zoopark-3 mass production launched

Defense industry of Ukraine Ukraine Ukroboronprom

NVK Iskra company started mass production of Ukrainian 1L220UK counter-battery radar, also known as Zoopark-3, informed the company Director Yuri Paschenko.

The first operational unit is scheduled for delivery to Ukrainian Army by the end of the year.

Delivery of the next one will be delayed due to the quarantine and is planned for early 2021, – said Yuri Paschenko.

Exact quantity of radars ordered by the state is not disclosed, but it is known that up to ten units were scheduled for purchase during the initial stage of the project.

Контрбатарейна РЛС Зоопарк-3 під час випробувань

1L220UK counter-battery radar passes the field trials in April 2019 and showed performance above expected.

The system was also presented on static display during the Independence Day of Ukraine.


Video presentation of the radar by SE Ukroboronprom:

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