Ukrainian Military News Digest for oct. 9-15, 2017

Ukrainian Military News Digest for oct. 9-15, 2017

“PIVDENNE” DB presented its hypersonic missile during “ARMS & SECURITY – 2017”

Available information is very limited, but according to the manufacturer the missile can travel at 5 Mach (6,125 kph). The missile is capable of in-flight maneuvering, its announced range is about 300 km.

In previous years “Pivdenne” DB was presenting its “Korshun” cruise missile at the exhibition. “Korshun” range was limited to 280 km due to international treaties and obligations of Ukraine.

“Korshun” warhead weight is 480 kg, which is even enough to engage defended strategic objects. Missile dimensions make possible transportation of quadruple missile pack by a wheeled prime mover as well as installation on smaller vessels.


Upgraded BTR-4 unveiled at “ARMS & SECURITY – 2017”

An upgraded version of the BTR-4 armored personnel carrier, BTR-4MV, was presented at this year’s “ARMS & SECURITY – 2017”. The upgrade was first announced in February 2013:

The upgraded vehicle has the following distinctive marks:

  • New hull nose section shape,
  • Frontal bullet-proof glass and side doors eliminated,
  • Separate hatches for driver and vehicle commander,
  • Ramp added in the aft section.
  • BTR-4MV provides STANAG 4569 level 3 ballistic protection just like its predecessor. The armor can stand a hit of a 7.62×54mm round at 30m distance, the front armor provides level 3+ protection stopping 12.7×99mm projectile at 30m distance. BTR-4MV is armed with a BM-7 “Parus”. The vehicle is powered with Deutz BF6M1015CP 450 h.p. engine. Operational range – 670 km.


“DUPLET” modular turret system presented at “ARMS & SECURITY – 2016” last year now mounted on a new platform

Last year “Duplet” was announced as a modular turret system for infantry fighting vehicles, but at this year’s exhibition “Duplet” was presented mounted on a T-64 tank chassis. Compared to a BMP the new variant has much better protection level.

Fire support vehicle is capable of engaging personnel as well as tanks, fighting vehicles, pillboxes and other protected objects.

The modular turret system is fitted with two ZTM-1 30mm cannons, two dual KT-7 7.62mm machine guns, AG-17 30mm automatic grenade launcher and four ATGM launchers.


Mykolaiv armor plant presented BRDM-2 deep upgrade during “Arms & Security-2017”

The upgraded vehicle named BRDM-NIK features completely redesigned frontal section with enhanced protection level as well as additional mounted protective elements. Such measures help saving the lives of Ukrainian soldiers.

The new BRDM-NIK’s hull is much more spacious compared to an old BRDM-2 and is armed with a modular turret system incorporating a 14.5mm and 7.62mm machine guns. Due to the new IVECO 150 h.p. engine an 8.2 ton vehicle can cruise at 100 kmh. The new digital radio station provides reliable and protected communications.


“Kuznya na rybalskomy” plant unveiled its 30mm naval close-in weapon system at “ARMS & SECURITY-2017”

The new AK-306 is based on a Soviet AK-630 design.

The turret used is identical to the Soviet type AK-630 while the 30mm rotary cannon is manufactured by “Kuznya na Rybalskomy”.

The Soviet AK-306 30mm naval close-in weapon system is designed to engage aerial targets within a range of 4,000m and surface targets at distances up to 5,000m.

AK-306 specifications:

Rate of fire: 600-1000 rounds per minute

Elevation angle:  -12 – +88 degrees

Maximal elevation speed: 50 degrees per second

Maximal traversing speed: 70 degrees per second

Maximal distance: 5,000m



KRAZ to offer its 220mm MLRS mounted on the new platform at “ARMS & SECURITY-2017”

The new “Bastion-3” consists of a 220mm 9K57 «Uragan» rocket system mounted on a KrAZ-63221 6х6 truck platform instead of the original ZiL-135 8х8 truck. The new chassis is more economic and has higher service life.

Due to financing problems the Ukrainian Armed Forces have chosen a budget friendly 9K57 «Uragan» modernization program which includes replacing the engines with diesel engines made in Belarus. This measure decreased fuel consumption from 150 to 80 liters per 100 km.

9K57 «Uragan» is intended to engage surface targets at a distance of 35 km.


“SPETSTEKHNOMASH” intoduced its ammunition manufacturing equipment at “ARMS & SECURITY-2017”

According to information from the manufacturer its equipment may be used for production of ammunition of various calibers, 5.45х39 AK-74 or 5.56х45 NATO.

The manufacturing line provides:

  • case forming and trimming
  • priming,
  • powder loading
  • bullet seating

“SPETSTEKHNOMASH” also has equipment for bullet manufacturing.

The announced line is ready for installation, adjusting and launch. The only missing components are powders and primers. The latter are manufactured by KP «Impuls».


Ukrainian national police to acquire «ASELSAN» communication systems

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and «Aselsan» company (Turkey) have signed a contract for delivery of communication systems for Ukrainian National Police for a total of $43,6mln.

On behalf of the MoIA the contract was signed by Arsen Avakov, the Minister of Internal Affairs, who commented as follows:

«After a long and hard work we finally signed a contract with «Aselsan» for delivery of communication systems. The competition was between few world leaders. But the «Aselsan» made the best offer in terms of quality and quantity».

ASELSAN – is one of the biggest companies of Turkish military industry operating in five main areas:

  • communication systems;
  • defense systems technologies;
  • microelectronics,
  • optics for homing systems and electrooptics;
  • radar and radioelectronic systems;

Company products are exported to over than 60 countries on five continents.



Ukraine to show its weapons at «AUSA-2017» exhibition in USA

As a joint initiative of the Embassy of Ukraine to the USA and SC “UKROBORONPROM” Ukraine was first presented at «AUSA-2017» international weapons exhibition in Washington:

«AUSA-2017» is the biggest international platform for 600 participants from state and private defense companies from around the world.

“UKROBORONPROM” has presented its BTR-4 armored personnel carrier, “Fantom-2” remote controlled mini-APC, as well as small arms, mortars and grenade launcher made in Ukraine.


Border guards officers missed last week are detained by the Russian Federation

Two Border Guards officers were reported missing in Sumy region last week on a border monitoring mission. Russian media immediately reported detention by the FSB of two trespassers claiming to be the officers of the Sumy post. Two officers are arrested for two months by the Russian court according to Oleh Slobodyan, the speaker of the State Border Guards of Ukraine.

The Border Guards speaker supposed that Ukrainian officers were kidnapped as the border patrol rout examination has shown the signs of two ambush groups.

In late June 2017 Ukrainian Border Guard jointly with Ukrainian Army has detained two Russian Border Guard officers from Crimea without documents who crossed the Perekop bay on a boat.

The best guess is that Russian side has kidnapped Ukrainian officers for further exchange for their captured servicemen.


New brigade camp is constructed at 239th combined arms exercise range in Cherkaske

As we previously informed a new brigade camp for 2,400 men is constructed at combined arms exercise range.

According to the newly announced information the construction was launched on September 27 and there are some more details from the Military channel program:

The total cost of the construction is about 140mln UAH, it includes 5 barrack buildings for 480 men each, premises for female personnel, HQ, sports and dining facilities.

Three objects will be finished till the end of the year, the rest are scheduled to be finished in 2018.

A similar brigade camp is being constructed at 235th interagency unit training center, the construction will be finished by the end of the year.

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