US night vision technology for Ukrainian SOF

US night vision technology for Ukrainian SOF

140th SOF International support SOF Ukraine - USA

During the recent celebration of the second anniversary of the creation of the Special Operations Forces for ammunition and armament of the SSO fighters, modern panoramic glasses of the night vision of American production – GPNVG-18 from the company L3 Warrior Sensor Systems:

Exports of this equipment are regulated by the US Department of Defense in accordance with the rules of international trade of ITAR. Accordingly, the supply of this equipment was carried out within the framework of military assistance of the US Government to Ukraine in reaction to Russian aggression against Ukraine.

They were developed by L3 Warrior Sensor Systems. The unique feature of GPNVG-18 is the presence of four separate image brightness amplifiers or electron-optical transducers with four separate lenses grouped in panoramic orientation. The operator has 97 ° field-of-view. This is an absolute breakthrough in technology for Special Operations Forces.

The tactical and technical characteristics of the night vision device GPNVG-18

  • Manufacturer: L3 Warrior System Division
  • Weight: 765 g
  • Dimensions: 143 x 216 x 95 mm
  • Battery endurance: about 30 hours
  • Water resistance: at depths up to 1 meter for 2 hours
  • Resolution: 64 lines /mm
  • Increment: 1 multiplicity
  • Field-of-view: 97 °

Increased field-of-view provides the ability to quicker respond to the situation around in the dark time of day.

140th SOF International support SOF Ukraine - USA