1,361.70 mln UAH are scheduled for the next year while the total cost sheet till 2028 indicates 31,926.52 mln UAH. This budget supposes construction of four Project 58250 corvettes.

Project 58250 corvette hull sections

The first vessel is supposed to be commissioned in 2022 consuming 857.65 mln UAH of the program budget for 2018. Second Project 58250 corvette is planned for 2024, third and fourth in 2026 and 2028 respectively.

Corvette design includes foreign made weapons systems and equipment.


The total cost of the first ship is estimated as 3,618.62 mln UAH or 134.71 mln USD. The construction was launched in 2014. As of now the ship readiness is 17%, 80% of which is hull construction works. More information on corvette construction in our material dated April 19, 2017.

A total of 20,664.9 mln UAH is scheduled for construction of the three following sisterships, or 192,33 mln USD per ship.

The program includes acquisition of ordnance, which requires 3,578.79 mln UAH.


Project 58250 corvette specifications:

Displacement:   2,650 tonnes

Length: 112 m

Beam: 13.5 m

Draft: 3.5 m

Speed: 30 knots

Complement: 110

Endurance: 30 days



  • 1 × Oto Melara 76 mm gun
  • 1 × 35 mm Oerlikon Millennium CIWS
  • MU90 torpedoes
  • EXOCET MM40 Block3 anti-ship missiles
  • ASTER 15 SAAM missiles 


Aircraft carried: one Ka-27 or similar helicopter


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