80% of damage to oil refineries is caused by Liutyi drones

80% of damage to oil refineries is caused by Liutyi drones

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About 80% of the precision strikes on the Russian oil refineries were carried out with the help of Liutyi drones.

The Ukrainian Pravda newspaper described the role of these drones.

“The Liutyi drone accounts for up to 80% of all precision hits on Russian refineries. Although it is not the only one,” said the sources involved in the use of drones.

According to them, in addition to the aforementioned drone, other drones were also used in operations, including the Ninja UAV, which recently hit a refinery at a distance of 1,500 kilometres. However, in terms of price/quality/range/accuracy, the Liutyi drone still holds a strong lead.

Not only intelligence services

At the end of August 2023, Ukraine produced the first batch of Liutyi drones. These drones were distributed among the specialists of the Main Intelligence Directorate and the Security Service of Ukraine, where they soon proved their potential.

As of May 2024, according to Ukrainian Pravda, not only various special and intelligence services are operating Liutyi drones. Even the Ukrainian Air Force has recently placed a large order for drones and is already training operators for them.

This mass production and operation of drones has made it possible to start planning large-scale joint operations involving several organizations at once.

The most high-profile joint operations of several services were the attacks on oil refineries in Ryazan, Nizhny Novgorod, and Tatarstan.

The choice of targets is not random: it is the work of analysts, scouts, and pilots who plan flight routes to the targets.

“I receive a 15-20 page A4 description of the target, where everything is spelled out in detail: where the drone should hit. So I don’t have to fantasize. It also touches the air defense, satellite images, radar data, etc.,” says one of the pilots.

Ukraine’s best performers are oil refineries and export terminals. It is these facilities that create added value and ensure profits from oil production.

“Without refining and exporting, Russia will return to being a seller of cheap crude oil. It will have to dump huge unclaimed volumes on the market, dump, and increasingly go into “gray” supplies, losing additional money,” summarizes one of the members of the team that flies and breaks.

UAV Ukraine Warmate