A Mi-24 helicopter crashed in Abkhazia

A Mi-24 helicopter crashed in Abkhazia

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On Tuesday, April 2, a Mi-24 helicopter crashed on the territory of self-proclaimed Abkhazia.

Local media reported on this in Telegram channels. The videos of the incident have been released.

The helicopter belongs to the so-called Abkhazian Ministry of Defense.

Local media, reporting on the downing of the attack helicopter, write that the Mi-24 made a “hard landing” in the Gulripshi district.

The published footage from the scene captures smoke rising above the helicopter, but no flames from the fire.

There were three crew members on board at the time of the incident who survived but were taken to the hospital. The extent of their injuries is unknown.

It is not yet known what caused the downing of the Mi-24 helicopter. The causes of the crash are being investigated.

It is known from open sources that the so-called Air Force of the self-proclaimed Abkhazia had two Mi-24P helicopters in service.

The Mi-24 helicopter and its modifications are designed to engage armored vehicles and provide fire support to ground units on the battlefield.

It became the first Soviet helicopter designed specifically for such use.

In February, a Russian Mi-24 attack helicopter attempted to intercept an unknown drone in the skies over the Leningrad region.

The video shows the helicopter crew following the drone at close range, but not firing. This is likely due to the flight over a populated area.

Aviation Aviation incidents Caucasus Helicopters World