An explosion occurred at the Polish defense plant Mesko

An explosion occurred at the Polish defense plant Mesko

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A massive explosion occurred at the Polish Mesko plant, which supplies defense products to Ukraine.

The company said that one employee had died and another had been taken to the hospital.

According to the latest reports, the explosion occurred on the territory of a workshop that contained fuel for missiles and rockets.

“We received the report of the incident around 11 a.m. The fire has already been extinguished. The damage is being assessed. An investigation team is working at the scene to determine the cause of the fire,” said a spokesman for the district police department.

Before the explosion, there were three people inside the workshop. One person got out of the building on his own, while the other two had to be assisted.

The company said that a special commission had begun its work to investigate the circumstances of the incident.

The plant’s main specialization was the production of various ammunition, including ammunition for multiple launch rocket systems.

The Mesko plant also produced Piorun man-portable air defense systems, which are supplied to Ukraine, and 122-mm shells.

The company has many years of experience in the production of large-caliber ammunition, modern technologies and professional staff.

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In 2022, Ukraine signed a contract with Mesko to supply a wide range of ammunition of various calibers.

The previous year, Polish technology for the manufacturing of 125-mm tank rounds was introduced to Ukrainian engineers.

Mesko serves as a technology, critical component, and technical support provider.

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