Australia to transfer Sentinel 830R RHIBs to Ukraine

Australia to transfer Sentinel 830R RHIBs to Ukraine

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The Australian government has selected Sentinel 830R RHIBs to be transferred to the Ukrainian Defense Forces as part of military assistance.

The company’s press service announced this on its website.

As part of an A$100 million military aid package in April, the Australian government announced the purchase of Sentinel 830R RHIBs.

The Sentinel 830R is a RHIB (Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boat) manufactured by Sentinel Boats. They are suitable for performing tasks in both riverine and offshore waters.

“The 830R can be rapidly deployed and requires minimal maintenance, resulting in greater operational availability whenever the Ukrainian forces need it,” George McGuire, CEO of Sentinel Boats, shared.

The number of vessels to be transferred is currently unknown, but they are to be part of an A$20 million military aid package.

The boats ordered for Ukraine will be delivered in the coming months along with other support packages promised by the Australian government.

April tranche of military aid from Australia

In addition to the boats, Australia’s military aid package will include an order for a large number of man-portable air defense systems worth A$50 million.

Additionally, the Australian government will transfer unidentified air-to-ground munitions from its stockpile. These may be bombs or other missiles.

The remaining A$30 million of the A$100 million package will be spent on drones within the Drone Coalition. Part of these funds, in particular, will be used to finance orders from Ukrainian UAV manufacturers.

Australia Military assistance Speedboats Ukraine World