Britain to dispose of 80 Warrior infantry fighting vehicles in 2025

Britain to dispose of 80 Warrior infantry fighting vehicles in 2025

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James Cartlidge, Minister of Defense Procurement of the United Kingdom, provided details on the disposal of Warrior infantry fighting vehicles.

This was announced during a meeting of the British Parliament.

According to the Minister, the British army has 632 Warrior combat vehicles on its balance, which are presented in the form of infantry fighting vehicles, command vehicles, artillery reconnaissance vehicles, repair and recovery vehicles, and artillery fire control vehicles.

In addition, he noted that as the write-off process is already underway, more than 80 combat vehicles are planned to be disposed of in 2025.

He also noted that in 2024, the UK will dispose of 9 combat vehicles, the modernization of which, according to the Ministry of Defense, is not desirable.

The Armed Forces currently have 632 Warrior combat vehicles in service. 80 vehicles are awaiting retirement, and nine more are due to be retired during the 2024-25 fiscal year, Minister Cartlidge said in his parliamentary response.

As part of the 2030 plan to reorganize the British army, the country will completely abandon Warrior infantry fighting vehicles and vehicles based on them.

As for the units that use them, they will eventually be reorganized into mobile battalions, with Boxer armored personnel carriers as their main transportation.

A full withdrawal of Warrior is expected closer to 2030, although it is not clear what quantity will be disposed of and which will be sent to storage bases.

It should be noted that between 2017 and 2021, the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence conducted a research program to develop an upgraded version of the Warrior IFV.

The vehicle was to receive a new turret with a 40-mm telescopic gun, which would have allowed for a qualitative increase in its firepower. Nevertheless, in 2021, it was decided to completely write off the vehicles and replace them with wheeled armored personnel carriers with machine guns.

Militarnyi previously reported that during discussions in Parliament, a representative of the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom stated what weapons will be written by 2030.

Armored vehicles Europe Great Britain IFV World