Chinese military arrive in Belarus

Chinese military arrive in Belarus

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The military of the People’s Republic of China arrived in the Republic of Belarus on a military transport plane.

The Belarusian Ministry of Defense said that the Chinese military would take part in a joint “anti-terrorist training”.

The joint training of Belarusian and Chinese units will take place from July 8 to 19.

A Chinese military transport plane landed for the first time at the Belarusian military airfield Baranovichi.

The arrival of the Chinese military in Belarus came just days after the country officially joined the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

Китайські військові у Білорусі. Липень 2024. Білорусь. Фото: Міноборони Білорусі

Belarus’ official accession to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization was announced at the summit in Astana.

The organization does not hide the fact that one of the goals of the SCO is, among other things, military cooperation between member states.

Prior to the arrival of the Chinese military, the Ministry of Defense and the Border Guard Service of Belarus conducted a joint information campaign against Ukraine.

Since June 21, the Belarusian army has been conducting a readiness check, which began the day after Belarusian border guards announced that the Ukrainian grouping near the Belarusian border had allegedly increased.

To create the impression of serious “maneuvers,” even preparations for a military parade were passed off as a test.

The situation became more acute when, on the morning of June 28, Belarusian border guards published a video of a supposedly Ukrainian DJI Mavic drone being shot down.

Дрон, який показала білоруська прикордонна служба. Червень 2024. Білорусь

In addition, Belarusians reported finding a weapons cache on the same section of the border.

China Europe Neighbors the Republic of Belarus World