DIU destroys two Russian boats in Crimea

DIU destroys two Russian boats in Crimea

Black Sea Crimea Fleet Occupants elimination Ukraine War with Russia

Magura V5 maritime drones of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine have hit Russian KC-701 Tunets boats in occupied Crimea.

The DIU press service reported on this.

On May 30, 2024, a special unit of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine Group 13, using Magura V5 strike marine drones, effectively attacked the Russian ship and boat fleet in temporarily occupied Crimea.

Through dense fire, Ukrainian drones broke through to the Vuzka Bay and hit two high-speed transport and amphibious boats, which were standing on the dock.

According to the intelligence officers, during the operation, the Russian invaders scrambled Su-27, Su-30, Su-35, and MiG-29 fighter jets, as well as Be-12 and An-26 aircraft, 32 times to intercept the drones.

It is reported that Ka-27/29 and Mi-8 helicopters were also involved in the interception. They tried to hit the drones with on-board weapons and with volleys of unguided aircraft missiles.

The video shows the explosions of airborne missiles and the attack of a Russian Mi-24/Mi-35 attack helicopter, which tried to hit a maritime drone with a nose gun.

In an attempt to neutralize the drones, the Russian military also randomly used small arms and 30mm guns.

Російський гелікоптер Ми-24/35 під час перехоплення вкраїнського морського дрона, травень 2024 року. Фото: Головне управління розвідки.

The intelligence agency emphasized that a successful operation was made possible due to the support of the global United24 platform. The attack drones were presumably purchased with the funds of this Foundation.

KS-701 Tunets

The KS-701 is an 8.8-meter aluminum boat with a diesel power plant manufactured by the Kostroma Ship Mechanical Plant.

The vessel is designed, among other things, to perform special tasks and patrol operations and is used by the Coast Guard units of the FSS Border Service.

Катер КС-701 «Тунец» берегової охорони РФ.

A boat of the same type was destroyed last year by the naval aviation of the Ukrainian Navy in the northwestern part of the Black Sea during an attempt to land enemy personnel.

Black Sea Crimea Fleet Occupants elimination Ukraine War with Russia