Estonia proposes to blockade the Baltic Sea for Russia

Estonia proposes to blockade the Baltic Sea for Russia

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The Commander of the Estonian Defence Forces suggested preparing for a possible blockade of the Baltic Sea.

General Martin Herem’s statement is quoted in the Defense Forces yearbook.

According to Gen. Herem, Estonia has the capabilities to achieve this goal: “the Navy currently has both naval mines and anti-ship missiles in service.”

“Along with Poland, Sweden, and Finland, which have just joined NATO, we should be able to attain one of our key objectives, the possible blockade in the Baltic Sea,” Gen. Martin Herem said.

According to the Estonian general, “this makes it extremely unlikely for an aggressor to be able to deploy naval and air defenses in the Baltic Sea, which enables us to provide allied aerial and naval support”.

Мартін Херем. Фото: baltdefcol.org

Gen. Herem noted that the land forces were also developed well.

The Estonian division set up slightly more than a year ago has proven its effectiveness in all respects during exercises, Herem said.

Estonia has doubled the strengthening of its land defense and upgraded its antitank and air defense capabilities.

Estonia has also started procuring large-caliber munitions and plans to commission more self-propelled howitzers, armored personnel carriers, medium-range air defense systems and multiple rocket launchers within the next two years.

At the same time, he said, these capabilities can prevent an occupation, but they may be unable to deter routine military aggression aimed at destabilization.

“We should continue our adaptation and make hard decisions,” Herem added.

As previously reported, in April, Swedish and German military forces intercepted a Russian reconnaissance aircraft in Swedish airspace.

Baltic nations Estonia Europe World