France tells how many weapons it provided to Ukraine

France tells how many weapons it provided to Ukraine

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France has released a list of military aid provided to Ukraine since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion.

The relevant data is published on the website of the French Ministry of Armed Forces.

The list includes various weapons systems and military equipment, protective equipment, communications equipment, and UAVs.

The French Defense Ministry reported that France had supplied a total of €2.615 billion euros worth of military equipment to Ukraine. The country also donated €1.2 billion to the European Peace Foundation, bringing its support to more than €3.8 billion from February 24, 2022, to the end of December 2023.

The list of transferred aid includes small arms, personal protective equipment, artillery, air defense systems, armored vehicles, trucks, boats, drones, fuel, and more. However, in some cases, the number of units transferred is classified.

Французька бронемашина AMX-10RC українських військових. Липень 2023. Україна. Фото: Радіо Свобода

In less than two years, France has supplied Ukrainian Defense Forces with 250 VAB armored personnel carriers in various modifications, 38 AMX-10RC armored fighting vehicles and 9,000 rounds of ammunition for their 105 mm cannon. As well as 120 off-road vehicles and six trucks.

In addition, by the end of 2023, Paris will have handed over 30 Caesar self-propelled howitzers, six 155 mm TRF1 howitzers, four LRU multiple launch rocket systems, and 10 120 mm mortars to Kyiv.

Ukrainian Armed Forces received 30,000 rounds of ammunition for howitzers. The Ukrainian military also received 1,002 AT4 anti-armour weapon and three Milan ATGMs and an unspecified number of missiles for them.

Among the air defense systems, by the end of 2023, Ukraine received two Crotale NG SAMs, six Mistral anti-aircraft missile systems, and one Franco-Italian SAMP/T air defense system. The data on the transferred ammunition for these systems is not disclosed. Ukrainian Armed Forces also received a Ground Master 200 (GM200) radar for air defense purposes.

Among the air-to-surface weapons are SCALP EG cruise missiles, the number of which is not disclosed.

In addition, Ukraine received small arms: 55 7.62 mm machine guns, 560 12.7 mm machine guns, as well as 1,000 Famas assault rifles and 20 sniper rifles. Over two years, they were supplied with 1.7 million rounds of 12.7 mm ammunition, 1.1 million rounds of light small arms ammunition, including 9 mm and 5.56 mm, as well as 10,500 grenades and 3,600 anti-tank mines.

Paris has provided Kyiv with 160 drones and 10 counter-drone systems, as well as 30 Zodiac Futura inflatable boats. Other items of military aid include fuel, personal protective equipment such as bulletproof vests and helmets, as well as first aid kits, communications and navigation equipment.

Europe France Military assistance Ukraine War with Russia World