Germany debates reintroducing military conscription

Germany debates reintroducing military conscription

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The German parliament is debating the possibility of reintroducing military conscription in the country.

Politicians from the ruling Social Democratic Party (SPD) and the opposition Christian Democratic Union (CDU) say they are open to discussions, Tagesspiegel reports.

Defense Minister Boris Pistorius is expected to submit his proposals for changing the government’s policy on this issue.

In particular, one of the leaders of the SPD party, Lars Klingbeil, considers this idea to be reasonable.

“Every young citizen should ask themselves whether they can imagine themselves serving the country… It could be the Bundeswehr or civilian service in social or cultural institutions. We have to come back to this,” he said.

The politician also suggests that schools should invite German army personnel to talk to high school students so that they can tell them about the possibilities of service.

“This will have nothing to do with glorifying the war: it will rather be an option for considering a decision about one’s future career, as well as for informing about the security situation,” the politician said. At the same time, he rejected a return to the previous conscription model that had previously been in place in Germany.

The Christian Democratic Union has already made proposals to reintroduce compulsory military service in view of the changing security situation. However, the party does not want this to be done by coercion or influence on young people, but notes that it is necessary against the backdrop of an increasing threat from authoritarian regimes.

Previously, the head of the Bundeswehr Union, Andre Wüstner, called for the military registration of all eligible Germans amid Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine.

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Militarnyi reported that Germany had abolished military conscription in 2011, but the security situation in Europe in recent years had forced the current Defense Minister, Boris Pistorius, to explore the possibility of reintroducing military conscription.

“Europe should be prepared for a possible threat from Russia. This is especially true because it is possible that the United States could shift its activity from Europe to the Pacific region,” the minister said in an interview with Welt last December.

Pistorius added that Europeans must’ve strengthened their defense commitments to guarantee security on the continent.

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