Iran launched a direct attack on Israel

Iran launched a direct attack on Israel

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Iran launched a massive combined air strike against Israel.

Israel24 reported on this.

The attack took place on the night of April 13-14, 2024, when Iran launched about 500 drones and missiles of various types into Israel.

It is worth noting that this is the first direct clash between countries where, in addition to Iranian forces, their proxies in Gaza and other neighboring countries were involved in the strikes.

The Israeli military announced the interception of over 300 air targets outside the country’s territory, including drones, ballistic, and cruise missiles.

Overall, the Ministry of Defense reported intercepting 99% of targets, although some missiles and drones managed to overcome Israeli air defense and cause minor damage to civilian infrastructure.

Prior to the strike, all airlines suspended their flights to Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Israel itself.

It was also reported that the air defense forces of Jordan and Egypt had prepared to intercept Iranian missiles, as they were informed that missiles and drones could enter their airspace.

To fight off the attack, Israel deployed both ground-based air defense systems and combat aircraft, which were alerted.

To coordinate the actions and keep the fighter jets in the air for a long time, two tanker aircraft, one airborne early warning and control and a transport aircraft took off.

In addition, to support Israeli forces, American and British tanker aircraft have started patrolling the Mediterranean Sea to refuel Israeli air force aircraft.

It is worth reminding that Iran has been demonstrating its readiness for confrontation with the United States and Israel in the region for several years. In March 2024, Iranian Brigadier General Ahmad Sadeqnejad told the media that his country was modernizing its air defense systems for the early interception of long-range weapon carriers of the United States and Israel.

Asia Israel Israeli Air Force Middle East World