Kharkiv border guards seized mortars

Kharkiv border guards seized mortars

Artillery Infantry armament Mortar SBGS Training Ukraine

Soldiers of the Kharkiv Border Detachment acquired practical skills in using mortars.

The Militarnyi informs about it.

The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (SBGS) announced the completion of the training of the military of the mortar outpost of the border commandant’s office of the Kharkiv Border Detachment.

The training took place at the Main Personnel Training Center in Cherkasy Region.

The acquisition of skills took through training programs for calculators, reconnaissance, and mortar calculations.

During this training, border guards learned to identify targets, prepare data for shooting, draw fire cards, change firing positions, aim mortars at targets, and hit them.

“The practical shooting with the variety of fire tasks was a final stage of training. Mortars hit stationary observation targets with semi-direct guidance and from closed firing positions,” the SBGS said.

After the beginning of the Russian aggression, the border department began preparing mortar calculations, which operate as part of the border commandant’s offices of rapid response.

The border guards have never trained in this area but as time goes on border guards will force them to implement new approaches.

The main goal of such exercises is to acquire practical skills with the use of mortars and further implementation of combat missions related to the sovereignty protection and territorial integrity of our state.

Currently, the training of mortars, both officers and junior personnel training takes place in educational institutions of the State Border Guard Service and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

We remind the border guard of the Luhansk region armed with NLAW anti-tank systems. The instructors were also assigned to train personnel on the use of hand-held missile systems.

Artillery Infantry armament Mortar SBGS Training Ukraine