Kyiv is working on the development of an enterprise for the UAV production

Kyiv is working on the development of an enterprise for the UAV production

Defense industry of Ukraine Kyiv UAV Ukraine

Kyiv plans to establish a municipal enterprise for the production of unmanned aerial vehicles.

This is stated in a draft decision registered with the Kyiv City Council.

According to the project, the new municipal enterprise will report to the Department of Municipal Security of the Kyiv City State Administration.

It is there that the Regulations on the utility company should be created.

If the decision is approved, budget funds of UAH 400 million will be allocated for the project. This will be the authorized capital of the future enterprise.

The explanatory note states that the creation of a new utility company will increase the number of jobs and create competitive conditions in the drone production market in Ukraine and Europe.

The company will also help to establish drone production in Kyiv by raising funds from the city budget and providing for the relevant expenditures for the following years.

The document states that the utility company may include some employees of the Kyiv executive authorities, who have higher education in engineering, particularly in the field of aviation and UAVs, in the staff and directly involve them in the production of drones.

Currently, there are about 200 companies in Ukraine that produce unmanned systems. Approximately 50 of them have already passed all the necessary procedures to obtain permits from the Ministry of Defense and are supplying various drones to the military.

This January, the Kyiv City Council allocated UAH 500 million to purchase drones for military units.

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Ukraine has recently tested more than 50 new ground drones for various purposes.

The tests included strike platforms, turrets, and platforms that destroy Russian positions and equipment, mine, demine, evacuate the wounded, and deliver ammunition to the positions.

Defense industry of Ukraine Kyiv UAV Ukraine