OSCE showed invaders’ hidden heavy artillery

OSCE showed invaders’ hidden heavy artillery

2S1 "Hvozdika" Artillery Donbas OSCE Russian aggression Self-propelled artillery Ukraine War in Donbas

The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission recently published photos of how Russia’s occupying forces conceal heavy artillery.

Reported by Militarnyi.

In OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (SMM) Daily Report 278/2021 was reported that the militants placed heavy artillery of 122 mm caliber in violation of the withdrawal lines.

Thus, on November 24, 60 km west of Luhansk two self-propelled artillery systems 2S1 “Hvozdika” were placed.

Self-propelled howitzers were located on the territory of the facility near the residential area of Komisarivka.

Recently, the OSCE SMM released photos for November from the drone that recorded this artillery of the occupation forces hidden in the building.

САУ 2С1 «Гвоздика» окупаційних сил Росії прихована у будівлі. 24 листопада 2021. Фото: ОБСЄ

In November, the Ukrainian military posted a video of militants shelling positions of the Armed Forces in Luhansk region from a 122 mm caliber guns.

Komisarivka – semi-urban settlement, Perevalsky district of Luhansk region in Ukraine. Since 2014, the village is under occupation.

Комісарівка (зеленим) та окуповані території (червоним) на мапі

For reference: 2S1 “Hvozdika” – soviet-are 122mm self-propelled artillery system based on MT-LB chassis.

It is assigned to destroy infantry, artillery batteries, bunker, as well as to provide passes in minefields and field barriers.

САУ 2С1 «Гвоздика» окупаційних сил Росії на Донбасі

Recall that in November, the OSCE also published open access pictures from Donbas, which recorded the accumulation of reactive artillery systems, including the Russian “Grad-K.”

In October, the OSCE SMM recorded military equipment located outside the designated areas of withdrawal. Which occupants forces tried to disguise.

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2S1 "Hvozdika" Artillery Donbas OSCE Russian aggression Self-propelled artillery Ukraine War in Donbas