Paratroopers destroyed the Russian equipment near Heorhiivka

Paratroopers destroyed the Russian equipment near Heorhiivka

Donbas Occupants elimination Ukraine War in Donbas War with Russia

In the Mariinka sector, paratroopers stopped a Russian armored group from attacking in the direction of Heorhiivka.

The 46th Airmobile Brigade reported that the Russian attempts to storm through the brigade’s paratroopers’ positions have failed every time.

The Russian command sends tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, and Chinese Desertcross golf carts to the assault.

Mines, artillery systems, and drones are used to destroy Russian equipment.

Знищена БМП-3, БТР-82 та гольфкари Desertcross російських окупантів між Георгіївкою та Мар'їнкою. Червень 2024. Україна. Кадр з відео 46-ї бригади ДШВ

“UAVs are targeting Russian equipment and military personnel. The damage is clear, it is impossible to hide,” the paratroopers said.

The other day, the Russians sent armored vehicles equipped with protective grilles against drones to assault.

The Russian invaders installed electronic warfare (EW) systems on the grilles to suppress the signals of Ukrainian drones.

To disable electronic warfare, the Ukrainian servicemen first hit the equipment with artillery, which disables drone suppression systems with shell fragments.

Then swarms of attack drones equipped with powerful explosives are launched at the Russian convoy.

Russian invaders have been trying to advance toward Heorhiivka, a village near the destroyed town of Mariinka, for a long time.

The Ukrainian General Staff has been reporting for several months in reports about the repulse of attacks in the direction of Mariinka, which is defended by paratroopers.

Ситуація біля Георгіївки станом на 4 червня 2024 року на мапі Deep State

As previously reported, the Ukrainian troops stopped the Russian attempt to advance toward the village of Kostiantynivka, Pokrovsk district.

Donbas Occupants elimination Ukraine War in Donbas War with Russia