Poland blocks US patrol boats for Ukraine

Poland blocks US patrol boats for Ukraine

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Protesters from the anti-Ukrainian Confederation party (Polish: Konfederacja) blocked the transportation of new patrol boats for Ukraine on the Polish-Ukrainian border.

Pavlo Kravchuk announced this on his Facebook page.

The protesters from the Confederation claimed that this “expensive yacht” was declared as humanitarian aid, with the logo of the manufacturer on the cover.

It is worth noting that the company’s product catalog does not include any boats for civilian use; the company’s business is focused on meeting the needs of rescuers, police, military, and border guards.

As a result, Polish protesters sent an important military cargo to the end of the line.

Kravchuk took a comment from the US manufacturer SAFE Boats International, which confirmed that it was a boat made by them.

“SAFE Boats International provided … 27-foot Walk Around Cabin patrol boats for Ukraine as part of a US Government aid program. The vessels provided by SAFE Boats are intended for use as government patrol vessels and not intended for use as private yachts,” the company said.

Kravchuk adds that he cannot definitively claim that this is the boat under the cover, but he believes it is very likely that it is.

“…. The Confederation party is not only causing huge losses to Ukraine’s economy and delaying vital supplies indirectly but also directly blocking military cargo,” Kravchuk concluded his post.

SAFE Boats International is one of the most active participants in strengthening the capabilities of the Ukrainian fleet.

Militarnyi reported that the U.S. Department of Defense signed an additional contract with SAFE Boats International to purchase and install weapons on Island-class patrol boats of the Ukrainian Navy.

The company also manufactures MK VI patrol boats for the Ukrainian Navy.

Europe Fleet Military assistance Neighbor nations Poland USA