Poroshenko transfers Shatro EW systems to the military

Poroshenko transfers Shatro EW systems to the military

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MP Petro Poroshenko donated Shatro electronic warfare systems to the military.

A video of their transfer was published on Petro Poroshenko’s official YouTube page.

These electronic warfare systems were delivered to the military in the Kharkiv and Donetsk regions.

In total, the purchase of 48 Shatro 50-1M systems was funded, which will provide the military with reliable protection by creating obstacles for Russian FPV drones.

“In addition to our super successful development of Ai-Petri SV electronic warfare systems and Tsukorok drone detectors, we have paid for 48 Shatro 50-1M systems, and the first ones have already arrived,” Poroshenko said.

The system can operate both autonomously and from external power.

“We are launching a new program – trench electronic warfare, which protects the military right at the front line. It directly protects command posts, trenches, and units,” Petro Poroshenko added.

In addition to electronic warfare systems, Poroshenko handed over 800 FPV drones, cargo manipulators, DAF trucks, and TDC backhoe loaders to the military.

This equipment is intended to assist the military in rapidly building fortifications on the front line and in the rear.

“The program of excavators for fortifications means that we buy all the equipment available on the market for the Armed Forces of Ukraine to build defense lines more efficiently. Today, we are again loading TDC excavators for the soldiers,” Poroshenko said.

Militarnyi previously reported that Ukrainian MP Petro Poroshenko transferred a batch of more than 2,000 drones to the military.

The batch included 2,000 daytime FPV drones equipped with initiation boards.

Europe EW Ukraine War with Russia World