Reznikov showed Su-24 with Storm Shadow

Reznikov showed Su-24 with Storm Shadow

Air Force of Ukraine Aviation Cruise missiles Great Britain Military assistance Ukraine

Soviet-era Ukrainian aircraft were converted to use Storm Shadow cruise missiles.

The Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Oleksii Reznikov, published an interesting leaflet with a Su-24MR tactical reconnaissance aircraft.

This Su-24MR aircraft is likely equipped with a Storm Shadow cruise missile, which has a distinctive shape.

The leaflet also bears the emblem of the 7th Tactical Aviation Brigade “Petro Franko”.

It was signed for Ukrainian pilots by Ben Wallace, the UK Secretary of State for Defence, who authorized the transfer of Storm Shadow missiles to Ukraine.

Олексій Резніков, Бен Воллес та Су-24МР. Фото міноборони України

“To all the brave ‘few’ who risk all for the glory of Ukraine,” Ben Wallace wrote.

It is also worth noting that the hanging object can be confused with the suspended fuel tank.

Nevertheless, the fuel tanks have a rounded shape, and the object in the photo has a flat bottom.

Літак Су-24 з підвісним паливним баком. Фото: 7-ма бригада тактичної авіації

During the meeting, the ministers also discussed the issue of continuing the training of the Ukrainian military in the UK and the use of these cruise missiles.

Ukrainian pilots were trained to use cruise missiles in the UK.

“We talked about continuing to train our troops in British territory, about priorities and accents regarding these exercises. We had the opportunity to shake hands with pilots who studied in the UK and have already successfully used weapons called Storm Shadow,” Reznikov said.

Recall that the decision to transfer this weapon was made after repeated requests from Ukraine to provide more weapons to counter Russian aggression. Earlier, Ben Wallace said that the missiles “will allow Ukraine to reject Russian forces located in the Ukrainian sovereign territory.” He also said that the UK made this decision after Russia “continued to go down a dark path,” attacking civil infrastructure in Ukraine.

Air Force of Ukraine Aviation Cruise missiles Great Britain Military assistance Ukraine