Roshel decides to build a plant in Ukraine

Roshel decides to build a plant in Ukraine

Armored vehicles Canada Defense industry of Ukraine Ukraine

Armored vehicle manufacturer Roshel plans to invest tens of millions of dollars to build a plant in Ukraine.

The company’s representatives shared this with the Economic Truth publication.

According to Roman Shimonov, Roshel CEO, the decision to open a plant in Ukraine has already been made.

The company expects to invest “tens of millions of dollars” and create “hundreds” of new jobs.

The plant will be focused on both the Ukrainian and European markets.

“Ukraine has a powerful infrastructure left over from the collapse of the USSR, and not all of it is used effectively. You have cheap electricity, labor, production chains that are now being built, and many people with higher education. When we hire Ukrainians, we see a big difference compared to people from other regions where there is no production culture,” Shimonov said.

200 of the company’s employees are displaced from Ukraine. According to Mr. Simonov, many of them want to return home.

Roshel expects to employ some of them at the new Ukrainian facility.

The company’s main product is the Senator armored vehicle, of which 1,140 have been delivered to the Defense Forces. Ukraine receives these vehicles from partners and also buys them with its own funds.

The Senator armored vehicle is based on a heavy truck by Ford company.

The company’s specialists are modernizing the civilian base extensively to enable the use of armored vehicles in the near-front and frontline areas.

In addition, a mobile command post vehicle for the Armed Forces of Ukraine was developed on the basis of this armored vehicle.

Armored vehicles Canada Defense industry of Ukraine Ukraine