Roshel plans to localize production in Ukraine

Roshel plans to localize production in Ukraine

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The Canadian armored vehicle manufacturer Roshel plans to launch production of armored vehicles in Ukraine.

Roman Shimonov, Roshel CEO, announced this.

“We are in the final stages of planning to localize some of our production in Ukraine,” Shimonov said in an interview.

He emphasized that since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion, the company had employed more than 200 refugees from Ukraine. During their work, they have gained unique expertise and are eager to return home to continue their work there.

The Roshel CEO said that there were already several service centers in Ukraine that serviced Roshel armored vehicles used by the Ukrainian Defense Forces. As previously reported by Militarnyi, one of these companies is the Ukrainian armored vehicle manufacturer Inguar.

It is possible that partial production of armored vehicles will be deployed on the basis of one of these centers, but Shimonov himself did not disclose this issue.

Збирання бронемашин Roshel Senator на шасі Ford F-550 на потужностях в Канаді.

The company expects that the localization of production in Europe will greatly simplify logistics and access to new markets.

The future plant in Ukraine, in particular, is expected to be loaded with orders from donor countries, including the United States, which has chosen Roshel as the sole supplier of MRAPs to Ukraine.

Expansion to Europe

According to Mr. Shimonov, the creation of the production facilities in Germany is also part of Roshel’s strategic plan to expand its capabilities beyond Canada and the United States.

“Previously, our focus was predominantly on the North American market, but as our export activities have increased, especially to Europe, it has become essential to have local manufacturing capabilities. Just recently, we deployed a batch of vehicles to Bosnia, and we are currently working on several orders for other European countries. The presence of a production facility in Europe will enhance our ability to serve these markets more effectively and respond more swiftly to their needs,” Roshel CEO said.

According to the company’s management, their strength is the almost autonomous production of armored vehicles, which means that they do not use subcontractors. Roshel independently manufactures all the elements of the vehicle, except for the chassis, which is taken from a Ford F-550.

In addition, the company is also diversifying its products. In addition to the already well-known Roshel Senator armored vehicles in Ukraine and their development in the MRAP version, the developers are also designing an electric vehicle and a platform with an 8×8 wheel formula.

Armored vehicles Defense industry of Ukraine Europe Ukraine World