Russia Introduces “Pigeon” Drone Bomber

Russia Introduces “Pigeon” Drone Bomber

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The Russian defense complex developed the Golub (Pigeon – ed.) quadcopter bomber, which is capable of carrying a large number of grenades.

The new strike drone was presented at the HeliRussia-2024 exhibition in Moscow. It’s claimed that the drone has already been tested in the war against Ukraine.

The Stratim company stated that the drone bomber is capable of carrying revolver-type systems that are capable of dropping 12 VOG-17 grenades or one 82mm mortar rounds.

According to the developers, the Golub drone is capable of delivering cargo weighing up to 10 kilograms.

“Over short distances [it] can carry up to 7-10 kg. Cruising speed – 40 km/h,” the developers said.

The range is up to 10 km. The weight of the drone is about 7 kg. A special handle is provided for transferring the quadcopter.

The drone power frame is printed on the 3D-printer. The developers say that the drone is in pre-production form and on their site they can produce dozens of such products.

They also add that their drone is capable of auto targeting due to a “machine vision”.

“The drone can use “machine vision” technology to focus the camera in order to carry out bombing. Without the participation of the operator, it hangs above a specific square on the camera,” the developers assert.

Російський квадрокоптер-бомбардувальник "Голубь". Червень 2024. Росія. Фото: Видання "РИА НОВОСТИ"

The Russian company Stratim was created only in 2022 and has little experience in the production of drones. The claimed characteristics from the developers may not correspond to reality.

The Golub quadcopter bomber is in pre-production condition and has not been adopted by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Recall that in Ukraine, “machine vision” technologies are used for the Liutyi strike drone, which has already proven itself with precise strikes on targets in Russia.

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