The USA modernizes its M270 MLRS fleet

The USA modernizes its M270 MLRS fleet

M270 MLRS Modernization USA World

Lockheed Martin is modernizing an additional number of M270 multiple rocket launchers for the US Army.

This was reported on the company’s official page on “X.”

The US Army signed a contract with Lockheed Martin worth $451 million. The modernization will increase the number of M270A2 vehicles used by the US Army.

The MRLs will be deeply modernized, and the crew cab will be replaced with a new one with a better level of protection.

Fire control systems and software will also be upgraded to allow the use of Precision Strike Missile (PrSM) missiles.

According to the manufacturer, this modernization will allow the use of reactive systems up until 2050.

“The upgrade will provide additional capabilities to the combat-proven launcher and ensure that the M270 series rocket system remains highly effective, reliable, and compatible with NATO forces for decades to come,” Jay Price, vice president of Lockheed Martin’s Precision Fires business unit, said.

It should be noted that today most M270 users are upgrading their systems, which will add the ability to use long-range weapons in the standard software configuration.

In December 2023, Finland signed a contract with Lockheed Martin to modernize the existing M270 MLRS fleet to the A2 version.

In total, 41 units will be modernized, which will allow the country to receive a qualitative increase in capabilities, as well as the potential to use long-range PrSM missiles.

In addition, in early May 2024, it was announced that the United Kingdom would also modernize the fleet of M270 jet systems and would increase the number of these systems to 85.

Currently, the British Army uses M270B1 rocket systems in the 3rd Regiment of the Royal Horse Artillery, 26th Regiment of the Royal Artillery, and 101 Reserve Regiment of the Royal Artillery.

M270 MLRS Modernization USA World