Ukraine is developing a Trembita missile

Ukraine is developing a Trembita missile

Cruise missiles Defense industry of Ukraine Ukraine Volunteers

Ukrainian volunteers have started to develop a “people’s” missile called Trembita.

The work is conducted by the engineers from the PARS volunteer design bureau and with the participation of volunteers from the сivic movement Vidsich.

Designers plan to create a small cruise missile with a pulsejet engine.

The missile is planned to be used to destroy objects and exhaust the enemy’s anti-aircraft defenses.

It is stated that the missile is capable of hitting targets at a depth of 140 kilometers.

“Our simple missile is incomparably cheaper than the shots of the enemy’s anti-aircraft missile systems,” the developers note.

According to the plans, a salvo launch of 20 of these missiles will allow to overcome the enemy’s air defense and hit targets at a sufficient depth.

Volunteers want to deploy the production of the missile’s individual parts and components in the conditions of garage workshops throughout Ukraine.

Випробування двигуна для ракети «Трембіта». Весна 2023. Україна. Кадр з відео Сергія Бірюкова

“There is no way the Russians would be able to destroy such an all-encompassing people’s defense industry with their rusty S-300s or high-precision Kalibr missiles,” the designers shared.

The declared specifications of the Trembita missile are the following:

  • Weight: 100 kg;
  • Weight of the warhead: 20 kg;
  • Range of damage: over 140 km;
  • Speed: over 400 km/h;
  • Maximum flight altitude: 2000 m;
  • Minimum flight altitude: 30 m;
  • Engine: 30 l.
Способи запуску ракети «Трембіта»

The missile engine has no moving parts, is easy to manufacture, and runs on gasoline. The launch will be carried out from a pneumatic catapult.

The warhead can be equipped with a thermobaric charge and a HE-fragmentation warhead.

Cruise missiles Defense industry of Ukraine Ukraine Volunteers