Warmate 20: Poland creates a long-range UAV

Warmate 20: Poland creates a long-range UAV

NATO Neighbors Poland UAV Warmate WB Group

WB Group has created the Warmate 20 long-range combat unmanned aerial vehicle.

The Polish company told Militarnyi about it.

The drone has a highly effective warhead weighing 20 kg.

The exact range, as well as detailed specifications, is kept secret, but it is measured in hundreds of kilometers.

The drone is powered by a proprietary internal combustion engine developed by WB Group.

The UAV versions with a jet engine are also being developed.

This is the first long-range drone presented by a Polish manufacturer that has a long-standing cooperation with Ukraine.

Warmate is a class of loitering munition in service with the Ukrainian Defense Forces and the Polish Army.

The latest versions of the Warmate 3 are capable of operating in the absence of a GPS signal and autonomously homing in on a target using computer vision.

Since the beginning of 2024, the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine and the Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have demonstrated a number of videos showing the destruction of Russian air defense systems and radars using Warmate 3 with the function of autonomous terminal homing.

Польський ударний безпілотний літальний апарат Gladius BSP-U. Травень 2022. Польща. Фото: Міноборони Польщі

The BSP-U drone, which comes from Warmate, with a 5 kg warhead, is used as part of the Polish Army’s Gladius strike and reconnaissance system.

NATO Neighbors Poland UAV Warmate WB Group