A new echelon with Russian equipment has arrived in Belarus

A new echelon with Russian equipment has arrived in Belarus

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The arrival of a new echelon with Russian military equipment was spotted in Belarus.

Militarnyi informs about it.

Yesterday, on April 4th, a new echelon of heavy equipment of the Russian army had arrived at the railway station in the Belarusian city Khoiniki, and the station itself is patrolled by the soldiers of the Belarusian army.

The “ВОЙНА 2022” (War 2022 – ed.) Telegram channel reported about the arrival of new Russian equipment to Belarus.

It is reported that the vehicles spotted on the platforms included 14 units of BMD-4Ms, 10 units of BTR-MD Rakushka armored personnel carriers, two BTR-ZD “Skrezhet” with installed 23 mm ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft gun, BTR-D, SAU 2S9 “Nona-C”, two BTR-82As, one TOS-1A Solntsepek heavy flamethrower system and transport and resupply vehicle, as well as KAMAZ trucks and two GAZ-3307s.

The echelon also includes 5 passenger train cars and 6 freight train cars. In total, the echelon consists of over 40 units of various types of vehicles.

A radio station on the chassis of the ZIL-131 truck and a satellite communication station on the KAMAZ chassis were spotted near the railway.

The railway station is also being heavily patrolled by the Belarusian military.

At the same time, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports on the movement of Russian armaments and military equipment across the territory of the Republic of Belarus in the direction of the Gomel, Yelsk, and Mozyr railway stations to be loaded onto the railway echelons.

Besides, a significant part of Russian planes and helicopters have been relocated from the airfields in Belarus to the territory of the Russian Federation.

Russian aggression War with Russia World