CZ presents new BREN 3 rifle platform

CZ presents new BREN 3 rifle platform

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The Czech arms giant CZ has introduced the third generation of the BREN 3 rifle platform, the previous version of which will be manufactured in Ukraine.

The news was published on the company’s website.

The Czech arms company has shown a new modular rifle platform BREN 3, which was developed based on the experience of using the previous generation rifles BREN 2 and BREN 807 by other countries and 2.5 years of war in Ukraine.

“The CZ BREN 3 is the result of feedback we received from soldiers, police officers and special forces personnel from around the world, who are equipped with the previous CZ BREN series. Our top experts have innovatively transferred this wealth of experience into the new CZ BREN 3 generation, with an emphasis on improving key features that include sophisticated ergonomics and the resulting shooting comfort. All of this leads us to believe that our new flagship product in the select-fire rifle segment will be a great success with the military and security forces,” said Jan Zajic, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors at CZ.


According to the published data, the weight of the new CZ BREN 3 without a magazine will be 3-3.6 kg, depending on the configuration. Partial lightweighting of the design was achieved by using an upper receiver made of aluminum alloy.

The new generation rifle is available in two calibers with barrels of different lengths.The 5.56×45 caliber version is available with barrels of 7/11/14.5/16.5 inches. The version in .300 Blackout caliber is available with 7 or 9 inch barrels.

The rifle’s barrel is manufactured using cold forging technology, which ensures high accuracy and durability, which is radically enhanced by an even more chrome-plated barrel channel. All this should double the service life of the weapon compared to the BREN 2 to at least 20,000 rounds.

The powder exhaust can be adjusted with a three-position gas port regulator, which optimizes performance when using the silencer in adverse conditions or when the weapon is dirty.

Гвинтівка CZ BREN 3

The CZ BREN 3 series is equipped with a folding four-position stock made of high-strength polymer or PDW-style extendable stock.

One of the key features of the rifle’s high modularity is its extended forend, which is easily replaceable. It is made of high-strength aluminum alloy.

The standard extended forend is equipped with an M-LOK interface for mounting a wide range of accessories such as sights, flashlights, laser designators, etc.

All versions of the third generation CZ BREN meet the strict requirements of the NATO AC/225 D/14 test. According to CZ, the BREN 3 is 45% stronger than its predecessor.

The CZ BREN 3 also features a new 40-mm CZ GL under-barrel grenade launcher, which replaces the old CZ 805 G1.

Гвинтівка CZ BREN 3

BREN .300 Blackout

The BREN 3 in .300 blackout caliber is designed for use by special forces at short ranges up to 200 meters. Together with a silencer, it provides shots with an ultra-low noise level.

Conceptually, the rifle with this cartridge uses the principle of operation of the well-known Soviet VSS Vintorez and AS Val special rifles, which use similar subsonic ammunition in 9×39-mm caliber.

Shots fired with such ammunition are low-noise. The bullet does not cross the sound barrier when it leaves the barrel channel, which is accompanied by a loud sound effect. However, the low muzzle velocity has a negative impact on ballistics, which significantly limits the range of the shot.

Earlier this year, the Ukrainian Defense Industry joint-stock company signed an agreement with the Czech company Česká zbrojovka a.s. to transfer the license and localize production of CZ BREN 2 rifles in Ukraine.

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