Czech Special Forces train to use FPV drones

Czech Special Forces train to use FPV drones

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The Czech Special Forces showed how their fighters are training to use FPV drones.

In particular, they practiced hitting moving targets.

The video was posted on Instagram.

The footage demonstrates how drone operators control the takeoff and search for a target, followed by its pursuit and conditional destruction.

The training takes place in an open area among agricultural land.

The moving target was imitated by a truck driving on a role-playing road. The truck’s body was covered with a camouflage net.

This was done in order to avoid damaging the drone when it collided with the truck.

FPV drones have become an important technological solution in military operations, providing new opportunities to damage the enemy, provide the direct accurate artillery fire, or perform reconnaissance and other tasks on the battlefield. In the Russian-Ukrainian war, such UAVs have been used in various versions for several years.

Successful use of FPV drones in combat requires theoretical and practical piloting skills. Therefore, operators must undergo appropriate training.

The training of Czech Special Forces with FPV shows that the Czech military is actively adopting the experience of combat use of drones in the Russian-Ukrainian war.

The Czech Republic also trains soldiers of mechanized units to use Skydio X2D (RQ-28A) reconnaissance UAVs.

The drone is equipped with six 4K cameras and an additional payload containing a 12-megapixel color camera and a 320×256-pixel FLIR thermal imaging sensor. The X2D can also operate completely autonomously, which makes it suitable for use in conditions of countermeasures of radio electronic warfare.

Czech Republic Europe Training UAV World