Defense forces in Kharkiv region shot down two enemy Orlan-10 UAV

Defense forces in Kharkiv region shot down two enemy Orlan-10 UAV

UAV Ukraine War with Russia

In the Kharkiv region, the Defense Forces of Ukraine shot down two Russian Orlan-10 UAV.

The Militarnyi informs about it.

Well-known volunteer Roman Donik posted a photo of the destroyed UAV of the Russian occupation army on his Facebook page.

He also wrote in the post:

“Minus two Orlan-10 UAV. It doesn’t matter how we shot down the drones)). But we shot UAV down.”

According to the published photos, one of the enemy drones was damaged and then fell to the ground.

That destroyed reconnaissance UAV, which was shown, had the tail number: 12392.

The Orlan-10 unmanned aerial vehicle, which is used by the Russian army to gather intelligence and determine targets.

As reported earlier, a russian`s reconnaissance drone crashed in the Romanian commune of Dumitra. The UAV fell just over 100 kilometers south of the Ukrainian border.

The Orlan-10

The Orlan-10 is is a medium-range, multi-purpose unmanned aerial vehicle which conducts aerial reconnaissance and electronic warfare. The first flight took place in 2010. The empty weight and maximum take-off weights of the UAV are 12.5kg and 16.5kg respectively, of which the payload is 5 kg. The drone can transmit telemetry data to a range between 120km and 600km from the launch station. The drone is launched using a collapsible catapult and recovered using parachute landing system.

Російський розвідувальний безпілотник Орлан-10. Фото: ЗМІ РФ

The UAV is part of a multi-purpose complex, which in addition to aircraft directly includes the workplaces of operators, equipment for radio control and data transmission channels, equipment for maintenance and launch of the UAV and an electric generator.

Russian firm Special Technology Center LLC in St Petersburg develops Orlan-10. This complex is exclusively in the service of the Armed Forces of the russian federation.

UAV Ukraine War with Russia