Drones hit two radar stations in Crimea

Drones hit two radar stations in Crimea

Crimea Europe Ukraine War with Russia

During a night attack by drones on military facilities in the temporarily occupied Crimea, two Russian radar stations were damaged.

Astra reported on this.

According to the newspaper, the stations were damaged as a result of drone strikes.

In addition, one Russian serviceman was reportedly wounded.

The radars were deployed on the territory of the Kazantyp Nature Reserve, where, according to satellite images from 2020, there are specially prepared positions for their deployment.

In addition, the fire detection service of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) shows the presence of fire at the positions for radar stations.

The fire was detected by satellite at 3:09 a.m., when the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that all drones targeting military facilities in Crimea had been shot down.

According to officials of the Russian Defense Ministry, 11 drones were destroyed over Crimea, but judging by satellite monitoring, some of them still managed to reach their targets.

Self-propelled radar stations that were supposed to detect air targets within the Kerch Bridge security and provide early warning for air defense systems in the temporarily occupied Crimea were damaged.

There is also a possibility that radar stations from the S-300/400 surface-to-air missile system could’ve been hit.

Militarnyi previously reported that satellite images capturing the aftermath of a strike on an FSS communications center near the village of Semidviria near Alushta had been posted online.

The strike was carried out on the territory of the military unit on May 23, 2024.

Crimea Europe Ukraine War with Russia