Germany Approves Additional 155mm Shells Purchase

Germany Approves Additional 155mm Shells Purchase

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The Bundestag Budget Committee approved the purchase of additional 155 millimeter artillery shells.

The procurement project can be used to continue supporting Ukraine with the necessary ammunition, and will also contribute to the further replenishment of the equipment for the German army.

“Ukraine has been protecting its territory from Russia for more than two years. The Ukrainian armed forces depend more than ever on the supply of weapons and ammunition,” the German government stated.

Currently, there is a high consumption of artillery ammunition in the war, especially 155mm shells.

Germany and its allies have repeatedly provided support packages to Ukraine.

“In light of the current security policy situation, stocks must be constantly replenished and expanded,” government officials stated.

The production and supply of shells are now agreed with the German arms company to further support Ukraine and replenish its own ammunition supplies.

The need for nearly €880 million in funding will be met from both special Bundeswehr funds and the regular defence budget.

The Budget Committee also approved changes to the framework agreement with the defense company. Due to the new transaction, the possible volume of orders increased several times.

“Germany is steadfastly strengthening its defense capability and further reducing reliance on ammunition supplies that are critical to war,” the government officials added.

The treaty also contains an article that allows other countries to join the project. Denmark, Estonia and the Netherlands have already joined.

The last time the budget committee approved the purchase of artillery ammunition for Ukraine from a French arms company was in December 2023. Then 68 thousand 155 mm shells were ordered.

Ammunition Europe Germany Production of ammunition Ukraine World