Germany confirms transfer of additional IRIS-T system to Ukraine

Germany confirms transfer of additional IRIS-T system to Ukraine

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The German government has officially confirmed that it had transferred another IRIS-T air defense system to Ukraine.

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said that together with the recently delivered Patriot system, IRIS-T should’ve strengthened Ukraine’s air defense.

“We have again handed over to Ukraine the IRIS-T SLM and IRIS-T SLS combined fire system, a state-of-the-art and proven medium- and short-range air defense system manufactured directly by the German industry,” said Boris Pistorius.

The Minister emphasized that Russian airstrikes continued to destroy Ukrainian critical infrastructure and kill people.

“Together with the newly delivered Patriot system, we are strengthening Ukraine’s air defense in its fight against Russia’s brutal war of aggression that violates international law,” Pistorius added.

Міністр оборони ФРН Борис Пісторіус. Фото: Уряд ФРН

Therefore, together with this system, Ukraine will have five medium- and short-range IRIS-T systems.

These German systems have proven to be highly effective in protecting large Ukrainian cities and critical infrastructure from air attacks.

In mid-May, the German ambassador to Ukraine said that another IRIS-T should’ve been delivered by the end of the month. Germany has promised Ukraine nine IRIS-T SLMs and eleven IRIS-T SLSs.

Also, Canada will finance the purchase of anti-aircraft missiles for the IRIS-T air defense systems of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Government of Canada allocated about €52 million, which will be spent for purchasing anti-aircraft missiles, which are necessary to strengthen the air defense of Ukraine.

Diehl Defence is the general contractor and system integrator for IRIS-T SLM. It is delivering the launcher along with the missiles. Germany’s Hensoldt contributes to the multifunctional radar TRML-4D.

Секції від SENER Aeroespacial для ракет IRIS-T

The Spanish SENER Aeroespacial is also involved in the IRIS-T programs. The company manufactures control sections and wings for IRIS-T air-to-air missiles and develops control sections for IRIS-T SL surface-to-air missiles.

Air Defense Germany Military assistance Ukraine