Germany has updated the list of military aid transferred to Ukraine

Germany has updated the list of military aid transferred to Ukraine

Armored vehicles Engineering Troops EW Germany Military assistance Radar UAV Ukraine Vehicle

Germany has updated the list of military equipment, vehicles, and weapons transferred to Ukraine.

The full list is published on the official German government website.

Funding for the security capacity building initiative amounts to EUR 5.4 billion for 2023 after EUR 2 billion in 2022. These funds are to be used primarily for military assistance to Ukraine.

The list includes supplies from the stockpiles of the German Armed Forces and German industry, along with the funding of relief measures together with partners.

Updates to the list of already transferred military aid include:

  • 1 TRML-4D air surveillance radar
  • 2 Biber bridge-laying tanks
  • 3 unnamed mobile and protected mine clearing systems
  • 54 VECTOR reconnaissance drones
  • 8 anti-drone devices
  • 6 unnamed border protection vehicles
  • 1 communications electronic scanner/jammer system
  • 34 pick-ups
  • 17 truck tractor trains 8×8 HX81
  • 2 forklift trucks
  • 8 trucks/buses
  • 8 Zetros trucks
РЛС TRML-4D. Німеччина. Фото: Hensoldt

TRML-4D is a mid-range mobile multifunctional C-band radar developed by Hensoldt in 2018. It is the main detecting component of the IRIS-T SLM SAM battery.

The mobile radar uses an active electronically scanned array (AESA) based on solid-state gallium nitride (GaN) elements. According to the developer, the radar allows to simultaneously detect and track up to 1,500 different air targets at ranges between 0.01 and 250 km with a maximum detection altitude of 30 km.

Мостоукладальник Biber. Фото: Бундесвер

Biber is a bridge-laying tank that carries and deploys bridges across rivers, anti-tank ditches, and other obstacles. Biber is based on the Leopard 1 tank chassis.

The tank was developed in accordance with the Bundeswehr requirements in 1975. A total of 105 of these vehicles were produced for the German military. Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, and Italy are also operating this equipment.

Вантажівка Zetros Mercedes-Benz армії Німеччини Фото з відкритих джерел

Zetros trucks are manufactured by Daimler AG. They are designed to work in extreme off-road conditions. The truck has a layout that allows quick access to the engine for its repair and better stability of the vehicle. Zetros is available in three modifications – Zetros 1833A (4×4), Zetros 2733A (6×6), and Zetros 2743A (6×6).

In addition, the list of updates in the list of equipment planned to be transferred includes:

  • 110 Leopard 1 main battle tanks (project jointly financed with Denmark)
  • 20 Marder infantry fighting vehicles
  • ammunition for Leopard 1
  • ammunition for Marder
  • 4 Iris-T SLM air defense system
  • Iris-T SLM missiles
  • 12 Iris-T SLS launchers
  • Iris-T SLS missiles (from Bundeswehr and industry stocks)
  • 5 TRML-4D air surveillance radars
  • 15 Gepardself-propelled anti-aircraft guns
  • 20,000 155-mm artillery ammunition
  • 5 Biber bridge-laying tanks
  • 71 VECTOR reconnaissance drones
  • 13 reconnaissance drones
  • 10 unmanned surface vessels
  • 40 ground surveillance radars
  • 1 Satcom surveillance system
  • 2000 portable lighting systems
  • 11 M1070 Oshkosh tank transporter tractor
  • 30 tank trucks
  • 100 MG5 machine guns
  • 100 GMG grenade launchers

Armored vehicles Engineering Troops EW Germany Military assistance Radar UAV Ukraine Vehicle