Kharkiv Armored Plant mastered the repair of Т-64BM2

Kharkiv Armored Plant mastered the repair of Т-64BM2

Armored vehicles Kharkiv Armored Plant Modernization T-64 Tank Ukraine

The State Enterprise “Kharkiv Armored Plant” mastered the overhaul of the Т-64BM2 tank.

Reported by Militarnyi according to the statement of Director of the State Enterprise “Kharkiv Armored Plant” Herman Smetanin.

“This tank, no exaggeration, meets the necessities of 2022”, – says about the modernized Т-64BM2 Herman Smetanin.

Recall that in 2020 became known that the State Enterprise “Kharkiv Armored Plant” and the State Enterprise “Malyshev Plant” in cooperation should modernize the Т-64BM2.

In Kharkiv, during the upgrade, a thousand-strong two-stroke six-cylinder 6TD diesel engine was installed on the tank.

Двигун сімейства 6ТД

Such work in Ukraine carried out at first time however, the enterprise fulfilled the order in the terms specified by the contract with the Ministry of Defense.

The first batch of these modernized tanks has already given to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. State Enterprise “Kharkiv Armored Plant” expects a new contracts.

“At the beginning of the year, the signing of the state defense order was slightly delayed, but despite this deadlock, we signed contracts for the production of T-64BM2”, the director of the enterprise said.

The tank became more maneuverable, despite a slight increase in weight due to upgrade armour protection.

Танк Т-64БМ2 під час параду Незалежності України. 2021 рік. Фото: Соціальні мережі

Many upgraded elements are installed which increase the tactical and technical characteristics.

These are in particular the new commander’s sight with night vision capabilities, anti-RPG curtain in the stern of the tank.

Was installed an additional camera for the commander, two radio stations, etc.

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Armored vehicles Kharkiv Armored Plant Modernization T-64 Tank Ukraine
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