Latvia Approves Eastern Border Defense Plan

Latvia Approves Eastern Border Defense Plan

Baltic States Latvia Russia Russian aggression

The Latvian government approved a plan for the construction of fortifications on the eastern border of the country.

This is stated on the Latvian Defense Ministry website.

The plan to strengthen the eastern border and counter the mobility of enemy troops is part of the Baltic Defensive Line initiative, which covers the entire length of the Latvian border with Russia and Belarus.

The Latvian Armed Forces intend to create outposts of support for the Defense Forces: defensive posts with fortified structures and fortifications for troops with various lines of barriers, anti-tank ditches, ammunition stores, and mine-explosive barriers.

According to defense plans, eastern border fortifications will begin in March 2024. Overall investment in strengthening defense infrastructure will reach €303 million over the next five years.

To impede enemy movement, Latvia reconstructs existing roads, adding anti-tank ditches to them.

In addition, drainage ditches in the border areas will subsequently be converted into anti-tank ditches.

Barrier lines of various types will be installed. For example, anti-tank ditches will be reinforced with concrete blocks and structures such as dragon’s teeth and anti-tank mines.

The lines of barriers will be adapted to the terrain, making the most of natural obstacles – swamps, forest belts, and other natural obstacles.

The border area will also be equipped with designated and secure storage facilities for explosives, mines, and engineering equipment that can be quickly dispatched to reinforce the defensive line.

Latvia will also develop plans to prepare for the immediate and effective closure of major transport routes such as highways, railway tracks, and bridges to prevent the enemy from advancing.

“Baltic Defensive Line”

Militarnyi reported in January that the Estonian government decided to build a defense line of about 600 concrete bunkers to repel alleged Russian aggression.

The construction of the defense line will take place on the eastern borders of the state, namely in the Ida-Virumaa region and in southeastern Estonia, where some fortifications will be built near Lake Chudsky.

At a meeting in Riga, the Baltic defense ministers agreed that Latvia and Lithuania would also create a similar defense zone on the eastern border. For NATO, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are one operational zone.

According to the adviser to the vice-chancellor of the Ministry of Defense, Kaido Tiytus, physical protection facilities at the border are needed to protect the territory of Estonia from the first meter if necessary.

In addition, it was reported that the Baltic states were considering withdrawing from the treaty on the prohibition of the use of anti-personnel mines.

Baltic States Latvia Russia Russian aggression