Luxembourg transfers HMMWV to Ukraine

Luxembourg transfers HMMWV to Ukraine

Luxembourg Military assistance Ukraine Vehicle War with Russia

Defense Minister of Luxembourg François Bausch has announced the transfer of HMMWV vehicles to the Ukrainian army.

The news appeared on his Twitter.

Bausch notes that Luxembourg will support Ukraine as long as it is needed.

“The Luxembourg Army and the Ministry of Defense support the Armed Forces of Ukraine by sending additional High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWV). These will strengthen Ukraine in exercising its right to self-defence,” he said.

Люксембург передає Україні HMMWV, листопад 2022 Фото: Міністр оборони Люксембургу

The exact number of vehicles is unknown.

The released photos feature how the HMMWV is being loaded for shipment to Ukraine.

Люксембург передає Україні HMMWV, листопад 2022 Фото: Міністр оборони Люксембургу

Also, the day before, Luxembourg handed over 3D scanners to Ukraine, which should help in uncovering war crimes and surveying the places of mass burials. The package of this assistance includes not only devices, but also special software. The project costs €1.3 million to provide this special equipment.

Also in May, the Prime Minister of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel, announced that the country had supplied Ukraine with arms estimated at 50 million euros. He did not specify what exactly it comprised. Luxembourg also provided medical equipment and humanitarian aid.

Mobile repair stations for HMMWV

It should be noted that due to intensive combat operations, the Ukrainian military is constantly in need of additional vehicles. In order to keep the existing vehicles running, in particular the HMMWV, the Come Back Alive Foundation handed over two mobile repair stations to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Each mobile station is equipped with a manipulator, a generator, a compressor and a mobile tire mounting, as well as all necessary tools and a comfortable workplace.

This functionality allows you to repair the entire nomenclature of Western-made wheeled equipment efficiently, autonomously and in close proximity to the combat zone.

Due to these stations, 14 units of equipment were returned to service in 10 days of work.

Each refurbished HMMWV costs approximately $250,000. In other words, the masters managed to return the combat capability of the equipment with a total cost of $3.5 million.

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Luxembourg Military assistance Ukraine Vehicle War with Russia