New MiniShark UAV presented in Ukraine

New MiniShark UAV presented in Ukraine


Ukrainian company Ukrspecsystems presented its new MiniShark UAV.

Militarnyi reports on this.

The prototype drone was demonstrated at the Brave1 exhibition.

According to the developers, the MiniShark drone is primarily designed to perform reconnaissance tasks.

The Ukrspecsystems state that the drone can detect ground targets for the benefit of artillery, special forces, and ground forces units.

The company shared that the operational range of MiniShark UAVs reaches 35 km.

The developers emphasize that one of the advantages of the new drone is the hand launch and easy transportation. The entire system fits in two backpacks.

The UAV’s wingspan is 2.6 meters, and its length is 125 cm. The drone has a maximum takeoff weight of up to 5 kg and a flight duration of 2 hours.

The declared maximum flight speed is 120 km/h. The operating altitude is 1000 meters. The drone can be equipped with an optical-electronic system with 10-fold optical magnification. The operating temperature range during operation of the new drone is between -15 °C and +45 °C.

After completing the flight mission, MiniShark is capable of making an autonomous landing.

The representative of the company reported that work on developing a new UAV started upon request from the Ukrainian military for such an aircraft. The MiniShark drone is currently undergoing factory tests.

In December 2022, Ukrspecsystems presented an updated model of the Shark reconnaissance drone, soon to be used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The updated reconnaissance drone has a wingspan of 3.4 meters and a more powerful battery, which will allow the UAV to stay in the air for up to four hours.