Photos of the damaged Rostov-on-Don submarine appeared

Photos of the damaged Rostov-on-Don submarine appeared

Black Sea Crimea Fleet Occupants elimination Russia War with Russia Україна

Photos of the damaged Russian submarine Rostov-on-Don in the occupied Sevastopol have appeared on the network.

Militarnyi reports about this.

The photos show that the submarine of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation suffered significant damage as a result of the Ukrainian strike.

In the first photo released on Monday, one can see a large hole in the bow of the hull of the Russian diesel-electric submarine Rostov-on-Don.

The submarine was hit on the night of September 13, when it was under repair in the dry dock of the Sevastopol Shipyard. And that next to her at the shipyard there was a Minsk Project 775 large landing ship (LHD – ed.), which also sustained extensive damage.

The second photo shows a large hole with a diameter of several meters on the starboard side of the submarine.

It is believed that the strike on the Russian boat and landing ship in Sevastopol could have been carried out by Franco-British SCALP/Storm Shadow cruise missiles from aircraft of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The photos released today of the Rostov-on-Don submarine of the fleet of the aggressor country may confirm the preliminary assumption of the use of the cruise missiles against Russian ships in the temporarily occupied Crimea.

This follows from the places of destruction of the hull. In the photo, we see that the missiles hit the target from above, while the large size of the holes indicates the explosion of a powerful warhead, which are present in modern cruise missiles that are in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Earlier, Russian propaganda said that the boat received minor damage, and she would soon be repaired and returned to service. However, the photos show that the Rostov-on-Don submarine, which is a carrier of Kalibr cruise missiles, will not be ready to perform her tasks soon. Moreover, the extent of the damage casts doubt on whether the Russians will be even able to repair it.


Rostov-on-Don is a Russian diesel-electric submarine of Project 636.3 Varshavyanka. She is part of the 4th separate submarine brigade of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation. The boat joined the fleet of the occupying country in late 2014. In addition to cruise missiles, the boat is armed with torpedoes, and can also mount sea mines.

  • Dimensions: length – 73.8 m, width – 9.9 m, sediment – 6.6 m;
  • Full speed (surface/underwater): 12/19.8 knots;
  • Depth of immersion: operational 240 m, max 300 m;
  • Crew: 60 sailors (16 officers).

Black Sea Crimea Fleet Occupants elimination Russia War with Russia Україна