Russian infantry uses ‘cocoons’ to covertly move across the terrain

Russian infantry uses ‘cocoons’ to covertly move across the terrain

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The Russian infantry uses mobile ‘cocoons’ to protect them from visual detection and drone strikes.

Volunteer and blogger Serhiy Sternenko shared this in his Telegram channel.

The structures are not visually tall. Accordingly, Russian infantrymen move in such protection on their bellies, on all fours, or crouching.

The speed of movement in such structures may be low and require coordination and a large amount of force to move it, which significantly reduces the range and speed.

It can be assumed that such a protective structure is quite heavy, so it can be moved on small wheels or skis by pushing.

The structures are disguised by camouflage nets and vegetation, which reduces visual visibility when observing the terrain.

However, it is worth noting that when viewed from a drone, such a structure can be noticed due to its characteristic shape and difference from the colors of the terrain.

It is not known how such a ‘cocoon’ is protected, but most likely it is built in the form of a frame with welded metal sheets, Kevlar lining, or other protection.

It is quite capable of protecting infantry from small projectiles such as 30mm and 40mm grenades or hand grenades, but more powerful ammunition can penetrate the structure and hit the infantrymen underneath.

Militarnyi has repeatedly reported on Russian infantry groups being hit by ammunition dropped from drones or direct hits from FPV drones.

For example, on November 18, the destruction of Russians on the approach to the Avdiyivka Coke Plant by dropping ammunition from drones was reported.

Previously, the Omega group neutralized 7 Russian infantrymen using FPV drones.

Russia Ukraine War with Russia