Russians Strengthening Kerch Bridge Defense

Russians Strengthening Kerch Bridge Defense

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The Russians are strengthening the defense of the bridge across the Kerch Strait with the help of additional barges.

This was announced by naval analyst H I Sutton in his article for Naval News.

The Russians positioned the barges closer together, with some arranged in a manner that allows them to be towed forward, effectively blocking any passage.

Recall that, as a result of the storm in December 2023, part of the barges that covered the bridge from Ukrainian drones sank or were brought ashore.

The author notes that the Russians have been building defenses at the bridge since the start of a full-scale invasion in 2022. During this time, anti-aircraft systems, smoke-screen generators, radars, and other protective systems were deployed, and patrols were strengthened.

Read more about the bridge in the article “Crimean Bridge: history, importance, defense and defeat.”

Reports on the installation of the barges first emerged in August 2023. At that time, it was reported that the distance between them was about 200 meters. Now, they have been positioned much closer together.

In addition, the Russians placed a 436BIS(R) Project target ship in the area of the bridge. It was supposed to protect a strategically important object from missiles with a radar homing head.

However, some of these defenses were not effective enough and Ukraine was able to successfully attack an important crossing two times, both by land and sea routes.

Militarnyi recently reported that the Russians stepped up fuel transportation on the Kerch bridge after the Defense Forces hit all rail ferries.

Until recently, transportation of petroleum products and ammunition by bridge to Crimea was prohibited by the Russian government, because this could cause accidents that could cause significant damage to the structures.

Oil products and explosive cargo, such as ammunition, were transported by sea through the ferry or by large landing ships from the mainland of the Russian Federation.

Crimea Russia Ukraine War with Russia