S-300/S-400 Missile Fragments Found Among Ruins in Belgorod

S-300/S-400 Missile Fragments Found Among Ruins in Belgorod

Air Defense Belgorod Russia

Fragments of a 5V55/48N6DM anti-aircraft missile from the S-300/S-400 air defense system were found among the debris of a high-rise building in the Russian city of Belgorod, which borders Ukraine.

The Telegram channel War_home published corresponding photos of the incident.

The footage released shows a fragment of the aerodynamic rudder of an anti-aircraft missile, along with elements of the fuselage.

It’s worth noting that on May 12, at precisely 11:21, there was a collapse of the entrance of an apartment building on Shchors Street in Belgorod, resulting in the death of six individuals and injuries to approximately 20 others of varying degrees of severity.

The local governor hastily attributed the incident to Ukraine, but later, a video of the explosion was released. The storyboard of the video does not show the arrival of any ammunition; on the contrary, it confirms that the explosion originated from the northeast part of the building.

Behind the northeast part of the building is an extensive open area on which Russian air defense systems could be located.

The Ukrainian border is located in the south of the building, so the Ukrainian ammunition could not hit the building from the northeast direction.

Russian air defense “works” in Belgorod

Previously, Militarnyi reported that the launch engine of a Russian 57E6 anti-aircraft guided missile, specifically from the Pantsir SAM system, penetrated the roof of a private house in Belgorod and landed in a children’s room.

The engine is known to separate approximately 2.6 seconds after liftoff, providing the rocket with an initial velocity.

This indicates that the Pantsir system was in close proximity to residential areas of the city.

The fall of rocket boosters for the 57E6 missile on residential buildings due to the negligence of Russian air defense calculations became an everyday routine for the civilian population of Belgorod.

Militarnyi has repeatedly reported about the Russian air defense systems placed close to civilian facilities.

For example, in February 2022, Russians placed a complex near a kindergarten in Voronezh.

Later, on January 19, 2023, it was reported that complexes were located on the roofs of civil administrative buildings, including educational ones, in Moscow.

Then the Pantsir air defense system was spotted on the rooftop of the building of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. It was installed on a helicopter platform.

The placement of these systems in urban development puts at risk the lives and health of civilians who can fall under the elements of the missile complex.

Air Defense Belgorod Russia