The United States will hand over the APKWS laser-guided rockets to Ukraine

The United States will hand over the APKWS laser-guided rockets to Ukraine

Military assistance MLRS Ukraine Ukraine - USA USA

The U.S. Department of Defense will purchase the laser-guided rockets for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Washington Post reported about this.

The weapons and equipment, that will be purchased from the U.S. companies, represent a separate category of military assistance to Ukraine.

These commercial supplies complement the Pentagon’s supply of weapons from its existing stocks.

Procurement includes 70.6-mm laser-guided rockets worth $22.6 million.

These rockets are known as Advanced Precision Kill Weapon Systems (APKWS) – they can be launched from air and ground mobile launchers.

The APKWS (Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System) has a semi-active laser guidance system and is included in the armament of helicopters and aircraft and is a modified 70-mm Hydra 70 unguided missile.

The 2.75-inch (70-millimeter) rocket fills a niche between the unguided missiles and anti-tank munitions, ensuring the accuracy of neutralizing small targets on the battlefield.

Заряджання Hydra 70

There are two launch options for the rocket – both as uncontrolled Hydra when the projectile rotates and with the option of the direct launch. In the first case, the range is 1.5-5 km (0.93-3 miles), and in the second – 2-12 km (1.2-7.4 miles).

APKWS missiles are fully compatible with all Hydra 70 launchers and can be used by all aircraft and helicopters capable of carrying the unguided missiles.

It is unknown at this time with which launchers the Defense Forces of Ukraine will be deploying this ammunition with laser guidance. It is logical to assume that these will still be mobile installations on the car chassis, or on the armored vehicles modified for these tasks.

Відвантаження озброєння для України Фото: Міноборони США

The U.S. aid package includes funds for the purchase of artillery ammunition and radar systems.

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Military assistance MLRS Ukraine Ukraine - USA USA