Ukrainian 503rd Battalion Details Combat Operations in Krynki

Ukrainian 503rd Battalion Details Combat Operations in Krynki

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The military of the 503rd Marine Battalion told about their participation in the battles for Krynki in the Kherson region. They also shared details of some operations conducted on the left bank of the Dnipro River.

A video about the battalion’s participation in the battles was published on the Butusov Plus YouTube channel.

According to military correspondents, the established bridgehead, where defensive lines were also constructed, is constantly under fire. Due to their close proximity to the enemy, the boatmen transporting military personnel and equipment face intense enemy pressure.

In addition, there were instances when the Ukrainian military abandoned their boats and swam to shore due to heavy shelling by the invaders. The soldiers of the 503rd Battalion set up a stabilization point on the shore, where they provided aid to the seriously wounded before transporting them to the right bank of the river.

According to one of the soldiers with the call sign “Kara”, in some parts of the distance between the positions of the Ukrainian defenders and the enemy reached even 50 meters. Despite this, the enemy continued to carry out artillery attacks, which also harmed his forces.

Due to the successful offensive actions of the defense forces, this distance increased to 900 meters.

According to one of the Ukrainian soldiers, the enemy made an attempt to carry out offensive actions with the involvement of 10 units of heavy equipment, among which were tanks and BMP-3, in January, 2024. Then, due to the poor organization of the offensive, and well-built Ukrainian defense, the Russians’ assault failed. All 10 units of equipment were destroyed by combined strikes by Ukrainian drones and artillery.

The 503rd battalion tried to ferry military equipment, only two attempts were successful. During the first attempt, the soldiers successfully transferred the Swedish floating armored personnel carrier of the BvS family. However, halfway through, the vehicle ran out of fuel. The driver then took out two canisters, climbed onto the roof of the vehicle, which was in the water at the time, and refueled it.

This vehicle was effectively used by the military to transport wounded, ammunition, provisions that were lacking on the front lines. The military of the 503rd Battalion also made an attempt to ferry BMP-3, but failed, according to the military with the call sign “Krasavchik”.

He also added that BMP-3, unlike the Swedish armored personnel carrier BvS, uses water jets to move through the water, not tracks. Because of this, while driving, it traveled 100 meters, after which it got stuck in a mule and returned.

In total, the Swedish armored personnel carrier managed to work 10 days under fire, and the Viking armored personnel carrier only 4 days, after which they were destroyed by the enemy. Despite the loss during this time, they made many crossings day and night, supporting logistics at the bridgehead.

Currently, the military continues to defend the bridgehead. In addition, they manage to expand it and push back the enemy.

Previously, Militarnyi reported about a special operation of special forces, due to which a tactical bridgehead was created on the left bank of the Kherson region, near the settlements of Krynki and Kozachi Laheri.

Europe Kherson Region Marines Ukraine Ukrainian Navy War with Russia World