Ukrainian Marines master AMX-10RC and Oshkosh M-ATV

Ukrainian Marines master AMX-10RC and Oshkosh M-ATV

Armed Forces of Ukraine Armored vehicles Marines Military assistance Training Ukraine War with Russia

Marines of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are mastering French AMX-10RC armored fighting vehicles and American Oshkosh M-ATV MRAP vehicles.

These armored vehicles arrived in Ukraine as part of security assistance.

Currently, the Ukrainian military is conducting combat training with new equipment, practicing tactics of operation in combat conditions.

These skills are necessary for the effective use of armored vehicles against Russian invaders at the front.

The press service of the 37th Marine Brigade published a photo of the training involving AMX-10RC and Oshkosh M-ATV on social media.

“The Marines are conducting regular combat training exercises. We have no weather obstacles, we work both day and night, we confidently gain all the necessary skills and abilities to effectively and lightning fast remove the enemy from our motherland,” the Brigade emphasized.

The military noted that constant training and honing of skills to the point of automaticity ensures that units are ready to perform any task in combat conditions.

The fact that the French AMX-10RC AFV entered service with the Ukrainian Marines was reported not long ago. TOleksii Reznikov, Minister of Defense of Ukraine, announced the news.

Armored vehicles are necessary to confront the Russian full-scale invasion and to liberate the temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories. Ukrainian crews have already completed a training program to use these machines. France made a decision to transfer AMX-10RC to Ukraine in early January this year.

The French AMX-10RC armored fighting vehicle has high mobility due to its wheelbase. The AFV has a 6×6 wheel arrangement. The vehicle is equipped with a hydropneumatic suspension system with variable ground clearance and inclination. It can be used for reconnaissance missions, as well as fire support for infantry on the battlefield.

The first reports on the Ukrainian army being equipped with American Oshkosh M-ATV MRAP armored vehicles first appeared in March. It is worth noting that prior to this, the United States made no official announcements about the possible transfer of this type of vehicle to the Ukrainian military.

The Oshkosh M-ATV is an MRAP-type armored vehicle with a 4×4 wheel arrangement. It is currently in service with the United States Army and several other countries. The vehicle’s crew usually consists of five people. One of them serves as an operator for the weapon, which can be placed on the top of an armored vehicle. This could be either a machine gun rotary turret with a 7.62mm machine gun, a 40mm automatic grenade launcher, or Browning M2 12.7mm heavy machine gun. The vehicle has a V-shaped bottom, and its cabin has special seats. Its design to provides shock absorption, which protects the crew from an explosion shock wave. The armored vehicle reaches a speed of up to 105 km/h on the highway.

Armed Forces of Ukraine Armored vehicles Marines Military assistance Training Ukraine War with Russia